Thanks to Peter Rowe and Orchidland

Hello Orchidland and especially to Peter Rowe,

I wanted you all to know what a gem of a guy Peter is.  After

stewing about the best and safest way to bezel set a wonderful
teardrop-shaped, bamboozeling gorgeous opal (cut by Gerry
Galeraneau), I emailed Peter asking for advice. (Mind you, this
stone is large and pricey - good reason for apprehension!) Peter
replied promptly and suggested using JettSett as a way to safely
secure the opal positioned in the bezel so that the bezel could be
worked on both the front and back. I already had some JettSett, but
had not worked with it yet. Short story, it worked quite well.
Taking the advice of previous Orchid postings, I also took the
precaution of a concealed epoxy cushion to protect the teardrop
point. The bezel holds the opal around the outside edge so that
both front and back of the stone are visible. I’m so grateful to
Orchid for helping me complete this project. Without Orchid I would
not have known

a) where to get the gorgeous, custom-cut opal,
b) about the concept of a bit of cushion for the fragile point,
c) about JettSett, and
d) who might advise me on how to best accomplish my goal.

A very huge thank you to Hanuman and Ton. Great credit goes to you
and Charles Lewton-Brain for the concept of Orchid and it’s on-going

Judy in Kansas, where the Memorial Day weekend was perfect weather.
Made me wonder if I was in Kansas or Hawaii!