Thanks to Ken Kotoski

Ken, it comes to mind occasionally, but now I’ll let it out: A
huge THANK YOU for always being there with excellent advice, personal
assistance with repair problems, and your generous spirit over the
years. Many appreciate you, I’m sure. We often see thanks to
Hanuman, as well we should, but I haven’t noticed any public kudo to
you. Here it is, and may all the jewelers’ machine gremlins scatter
before you. You’re great.

Perhaps it is also time to remind that you have written an excellent
paper on the care and feeding of those ultrasonics we use and abuse.
Everyone should read it and marvel.

Best wishes,

Pat, Thanks for the thanks! It’s good to know I have helped some

This is a great place to help inform jewelers about machines and
other jewelry related issues. Jewelers are most times too busy to
search for the and so they don’t always get the best

Orchid makes access to the easy and every jeweler should
use it.

On a side note. It seems recently we have not received email from all
those that have been sending it. I ask that if you have sent an email
and I have not responded within 24 hours please send it again. I do
respond to all email.

If you find I still don’t respond please feel free to call. I need to
know about the problem so we can get it fixed and help you with
whatever you need.

Ken Kotoski
MPG Repair


Ken has helpe me out on several occasions repairing my various
Foredom Flex-shafts, and I really appreciate his help! In addition,
the other contacts through Orchid, including Contenti, have been
terrific. Thank you ORCHID COMMUNITY for being you and being there.

–Sherry Terao, Art Peace
Silver Spring, MD