[Thanks] Sony Mavica

To all of you who so graciously gave of your time to send me information
and pictures taken with your Sony Mavica Digital Camera, I say a big THANK

After going over all of the pictures and I have decided to
wait a bit on the digital and went out and upgraded my own camera setup
from a Minolta Maxxum 35mm SLR set up to a Nikon N70 setup with a macro
lens and a remote trigger. I have taken some photos and they turned out
okay, but I have so much to learn about photography that it seems

If anyone is interested in seeing a few of the (Nikon) photos of my
WireArt jewelry I now have a site (I’m a beginner at this too!!) at:


BTW, I am still thinking hard and long about a digital camera in the
future and Sony is still on top of my list. Thank you all again!!