Thanks; polishing tip; queries

Many many thanks to those who responded [off line] to my torch
enamelling question. I got just the right ‘missing pieces’ to the
puzzle–still making a bit of a mess, but it’s definitely a
PRODUCTIVE mess, now…

TIP: to polish in veryvery tight places, clamp the ends of some
pieces of string (I find part-poly-part-cotton best, for strength and
permeability)in a vise; one at a time pull the pieces taught, and run
them up and down with a chunk of desired polishing compound 'til
they’re well impregnated. Unclamp the strings when they’re all done:
taa-daa. Polishing ‘floss.’ Fantastic for tight corners in
pierceings, etc. This is just one of many invaluable tricks from my
instructor here in San Miguel, Billy King. (I repeat my offer, if
anyone wants any info Re: studying jewellery in SM, don’t hesitate to
contact me, @Andy_Blair OR Andy Blair, box 168A c/o

Two questions: Does anyone know of a universal (ball) joint vise that
ha a repositionable screwclamp base? The only ones I’ve found have
suction bases, which I loathe. And, does anyone have any suggestions
on how to modify a simple wind-up watch mechanism so that instead of
driving hands around, it produces an occasional ‘twitch’ [well, more
precisely ‘flap’–yup, I’m one of those insect-obsessors]? My
feeling is that this should be a relatively simple matter or removing
some teeth–but this is foreign territory for me. I’d really
appreciate any responses to these two questions sent directly to me,
Andy Blair,at either of the two above @ddresses. I can’t subscribe
to the forum, so can’t read responses there. Thanks to all.