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Thanks Peter Rowe

Hi - Just reading posts here and Teresa - you have said it so well for
our dear Mr. Peter Rowe! I won’t embarrass him by making a separate
header - but he is truly a jewel in our field - for sure a “one of
kind” - very giving and amazingly knowledgeable. Thank goodness he
doesn’t mind sitting at a keyboard for a fair number of hours!

just want to add my thanks to Peter. He is indeed a gem, and has
come to my aid many times. Gratefully yours- Alma

I must say thanks also Peter. To that I would add,what great parents
and family,teachers and professors he must have had to not only help
him become the skilled artisan that he is but the gentleman he is.
Thanks Peter, John Barton

Thanks Cyntha and Teresa.

But. Please. I’m certainly not the only person around here who
helps. Though I am more commonly seen on the
newsgroup (which I moderate, as Hanuman does the far more busy Orchid
list) than some others, I’m just one guy, and here on Orchid I don’t
contribute more than many others also do. There are very MANY folks
on the orchid list who give very freely of their time and knowledge.
While my fragile and shy ego always enjoys the attention of you
ladies, I really don’t think you should be singling me out. I’d
guess that Hanuman and his team (?) put in far more time on Orchid and
the web site than I spend with r.c.j. And how 'bout
Charles Lewton-Brain? Have you checked out just how many megabytes
worth of his fine written material he’s made freely available to
readers of the Ganokson site? Near as I can tell, about the only
comment you really might make about me is that sometimes I’m pretty
long winded. You know, six paragraphs (all run into one, however)
when one would have done it. And, reading this list, I find that I’m
not even the only one who does THAT…

Thanks, though.