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Thanks for your input!

To my great Ganoskin readers, your have sent me some really positive feedback. I have no intention to listen to 1-2 persons who were giving me tough to follow “constructive criticism”. They meant well in their little minds, but I have YOU to consider first!
This Wednesday, I will be picking up more silver castings that will be for newer essays. All of these costs are borne solely by me.

My next essay is in excess of 23+ pages and with 51 “step-by-step” photographs.

I’m coming back with a stronger purpose in my writing. At 76 years ‘young’, I still have much to do!.)
Gerry, on my iPhone

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Jerry, I appreciate your generosity and willingness to share your accumulated knowledge and the time and energy that you’ve devoted to this project.
I have some thoughts about the photographic components of your essays but I have to question your response to the critical feedback that you’ve received. While I understand that criticism can hurt, I believe that it was offered here on Orchid without rancor. It’s up to you how you receive criticism and what you do with it. But characterizing those who offered what you see as negative commentary as having “meant well with their little minds” is unfair and demeaning.

Just a thought,


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Sorry for misspelling your name! Auto correct.

Please excuse any typos-- curse my clumsy digits…

Andy Cooperman

For that remark, I truly apologize, it was quickly written and I didn’t get a chance to delete it after it was ‘posted’. So sorry!.:>(

I forgive your fingers, it’s this technology that gives ‘us’ problems. I’ve been given worse names…:wink:

Gerry, on my iPhone

Nicely said.