Thanks for giving to the Ganoksin Orchid forum!

Rio Grande is reaching out to assure the uninterrupted service that
the Ganoksin website and the Orchid forums provide jewelers

Rio Grande pledges to donate a portion of their proceeds as monetary
support to Ganoksin EACH TIME you place an order with Rio.

From now on through the end of 2011. When calling in an order simply
mention Ganoksin or Orchid or type ORCHID in the code field when you
place an online order at

Please do your part and continue to purchase supplies, books and
services from those who believe in the magic of Orchid and Ganoksin

Thank you Rio Grande and thank you everyone for your support!

I wish to convey something I believe all should hear. In late October
I ordered complete edition book and one of the antique books that I
really needed as well to support Ganoksin. For whatever reason I did
not receive the download info.I waited to see that it was charged to
my credit card which it was. Late last Friday I sent an e-mail
explaining the situation. I was prepared to wait several days for a
reply considering the situation they were working under. Early the
next morning I checked my e-mail and was very surprised to have two
e-mails from Ganoksin. one from Dr. Hanuman by way of an apology for
the mix up, and one with all the info I needed to download my books.
With service and dedication lik this they deserve every bite of
support we can give them.

I was paralized and home bound not to long ago, most of my jewelry
education has come from you as a whole and Ganoksin. Recieving that
e-mail every morning is like an old friend coming for coffee. It
would be a great loss to us all if they were not there. Please help
where possible.

Rick McCann

It would be a great loss to us all if they were not there. Please
help where possible. 

Not only would they not be there, but neither would you be here, nor
would any of the many serious contributors be here, nor would the
people we’ve come to think of as friends. The floods are truly
unimaginable, yet Hanuman and Ton deal with it and post descriptions
in good humor. I think of Orchid as a family, and this family needs
to pull together and give what help we can. The Chicago bosses used
to say “Vote early. Vote often!” That could be paraphrased to “give
early, give often.”

Neil A.