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Thank you

A heart felt thank you to all who gave me great advice for
removing those pesky diamonds from their bead and pave settings.

one peice of good but disappointing advice was: but remember to
push them out against a piece of wood such as your bench peg,
otherwise they’ll go into orbit. Here I have been practicing hard
at the Find the Diamond game. I thought it would be the next
olympic sport and I would be a gold metal contenter!

I would like to take a moment and thank all my friends on Orchid
for the kind words and support you have given me in my time of
need. Thank you. You were a great help and I appreciate it. Jurgen

Thank you Charles for creating such a wonderful informative
website and forum. Thank you Dr. Aspler for so graceously seeing
that everyting runs smoothly and for your brillant implementation
of the archives. And thank you to all the Orchid members for your
lively and informative participation. May you all have a
wonderful holiday season.

Stephane in chilly, snowy San Francisco