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ThaiGem Nightmare

Some time ago someone referred me to as a source for
stones. This past Christmas I received a request out of the ordinary
and decided to order the stones from

To my surprise diamonds they claim are VS are SI-I, what they call
for ound brilliant cut, is the closes I have seen to old mine cuts
in a long time, and as if this was not enough the carat wt. is not
what they claim either.

I graded over 750 pink sapphires and of these, only 162 conformed to
the clarity grade given, I was willing to keep the stones even if
the weight did not match the description and thy deny me that
posibility saying I had to pay for the whole lot? My reply - supply
me with the stones they described, their reply - No can do.

I asked if they had any GG’s on staff, the hepl desk person did not
know what a GG was, and when I told her she said “oh we have two of
those employed” …

An of course they are not willing to reimburse my money. I have been
in the business over 12 years and never have had such an experience
before. SO people STAY AWAY OF THAIGEM.COM and if anyone has a
supplier for colored sapphires please do tell me.

I have been reading this list from the shadows for sometime but I
could not help but had my comments related to You will
find them even less willing than ever to give a refund because there
gem business has FALL of the Paper, so they have decided to go into
the mass jewelry business. They shot their own profites with the
BULK-DIFFUSED sapphire deal. Anyway, I have heard this story to many
times to count and have seen many a buyer come back to me after
tring All have learned, the hard way, that the
CHEAPEST price is not the best price. William

I wouldn’t touch ThaiGems with a 10 foot pole. I use Citra in NYC.
Their selection of colored stones is great! If they don’t have it
in stock; they can get it. I can not recommend them highly enough
as a reliable; knowledgable source. When you call them, ask for


This is one of the beauties of using Orchid’s archives on the
Ganoksin site. When I started making jewelry and buying stones I also
had Thai Gems suggested. I checked the archives, and found many
horror stories such as this. I do not use them as a result. It is a
shame that a company that so consistently does not ship what it has
purported to sell can continue in business.

Sorry about your bad experience!
Beth in SC

So sorry to hear of your misfortune. I purchased blue Peruvian opal
in Az at a high cost. The cabs later turned a yellow color & could
not be used. These were purchased from Sweetcreek. I would avoid
this company as well…

So you told them you wanted to return the stones for a full refund
and they said no? I dealt with them in the past and received some
items that I thought were awful and wrote and told them that I
thought the stones were terrible and that I wanted to return them for
a full refund. I received a prompt reply with the return address and
an apology. I would be surprised if they are refusing to let you
return the items in full.

  • Dee Dee

I was just looking at ThaiGem’s ad in the Colored Stone magazine
handed out in Tucson. They have the JVC logo on their ad. If this
is the way they are running their business, why doesn’t someone file
a complaint? If they didn’t send what they claimed to have, you
didn’t get what you paid to receive, and they were not willing to fix
this problem - it would seem to me this is fraud.

JVC doesnt want to come down too hard on dues-paying/contributing
members. Its bad for business. Its kinda like ebay getting after
fraudulent dealers-why would they want to suppress a client that puts
money in their pocket? And some of the most crooked people I know go
to church every Sunday too, But that doesn’t mean they are
Christians. Just always remember, “buyer beware”, and try to find a
genuine reason why someone is drastically cheaper than anyone else,
and usually you will realize that there’s no such thing as a
’bargain’ in genuine quality. Get educated and you almost always
will end up getting what you paid for-no more, no less. But not
neccesarily what the seller advertised the item as. Ed in Kokomo

It has been a while since I ordered anything from ThaiGem, but when
I did, they used a service called The money I paid went
to ThaiGem shipped the merchandise. I had 48 hours to
inspect it and decide what, if anything to keep, and then notify If I accepted it, paid ThaiGem. If I
returned all or part of it, notified ThaiGem of my
decision, paid them for what I kept, and as soon as ThaiGem notified that they had received the returned merchandise, refunded my money.

If ThaiGem is no longer using that service (or perhaps they only use
it for items acquired via eBay), is there any reason why someone
couldn’t use it themselves for future purchases from them or any
other source?

There have been MANY COMPLAINTS filed but they SPEND ALOT of MONEY.
But the world of hobbiest, small and med business people that they
have treated so baddly over the years has caught-up with them. The
loss of gem sale is the main reason they are going into the mass
production jewelry business.

(snip) is there any reason why someone couldn't use []
themselves for future purchases from [Thaigem] or any other source?

I went to, and apparently, the answer is no. Anyone can
use it. However, the minimum charge seems to be $25, and they charge
$20 extra if the seller is to be paid electronically rather than by
snail-mailed check. No doubt, there are many times that this would
be worthwhile, but also times when it would not. And who checks up
on to make sure they’re honest?