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Texturizing gold filled sheet

Have a silly question I’m sure but I’m going to put it out there anyway. Is it possible to texture 14/20 gold filled sheet in a rolling mill? Any info I would greatly appreciate!

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You shouldn’t have any problems using laser-textured paper or other shallow impressing or soft materials like blotter paper.

I’m going to guess you might risk problems with some steel texture plates that make deep impressions and have sharp edges in the design. The sharp edges going deep might cut through the thin gold cladding.

The best thing to do in the case of steel texture plates is to try it on a small piece of scrap. I have no idea how long it might take for the brass to tarnish to see if you have cut through the cladding though.

Neil A


Hello Kristine! I’m Christine and have rolled my gold-filled sheets several times through my rolling mill and had great success. I have not used deep impressions, but have had some spectacular results.
The impressions leave such a super finish that I have not had to do any extensive filing work.I’ll take some photos when I can get a chance and let you see the results if it will be helpful to you. The trick with Gold-filled is to, of course, avoid breaking the bond… but if you cut it or file it or use punches on it, you will break the bond. So to make sure that you avoid as much oxidation/exposure of the materials used in the ‘fill’ portion of the ‘gold-filled’, you must immediately attempt to close off the areas of the exposed metal This can be done easily with a bright, shiny burnisher! Use it on the areas you just sawed or cut. I punched a series of circles for a set of earrings I was making about five years ago for myself, when I got a commission to do some work for another person… clients come first, so I dug out those punched out circles, each one had been burnished as described on all the cut edges before I put them away five years ago and they were ready to work on!! They had no discoloration on any of them and I was quite thrilled to discover I wasn’t going to spend a lot of time getting them ready to begin working on the new request. I hope this helps… it did help me since I was afraid working with older pieces of gold-filled was going to be a nightmare… it doesn’t have to be! Take care and work slowly and be delightfully surprised at the results!!


Hello Christine and thanks for this wonderful tip on GF sheet. So you are saying that one can burnish the gold layer over the silver edges after you’ve sawn it or disk-cut it. I wonder what gauges you are using and whether you’ve discovered how thick the material would have to be before this technique wouldn’t cover all of the silver edge…thanks again for your help!


Wow, thank you all for the great information. I’m planning on using laser paper. And Christine, so happy to know you have done it and have had great results!! Thank you, thank you so much again. You guys are the best!
OH YES!! Photos please!!