Texturing Sheet Silver suggestion?

would leather stamps work? these are available in all kinds of

Yes, leather stamps do work. My students have used them on
copper in the classroom. Obviously, anneal for best results.

Leather stamps will work ok if they are steel. You should
probably heat temper the metal before using.

Virginia Lyons

That’s a big yes! Also… try using a big, ugly, nasty, rusty
piece of steel… or chunck of rail road rail. You need big,
deep sharp pits. Hammer your silver sheet on there for a
’hammered’ texture. Clean the loose rust off the steel with a
wire brush. Hammer, then cut your silver… tumble… beautiful!
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: Have fun, Red

The steel may not be harnened so the stamps my lose their
definition after a wee while. Rather, buy hardened steel stamps
from Thunderbird Thunderbird http://www.tbscorp.com/ ph +1 505
722 4323 or 1-800-545-7968 ext 17.

I just discovered them. Nice range of stamps.


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I haven’t seen this yet, so I’ll bring it up. Instead of
torturing your beautiful sterling silver, you can punch, pierce,
hammer, burn, etch, or doodle a pattern, on a similar sized sheet
of copper or brass and roll them together. (annealed, of
course). Frances

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