Texas consignments

The gallery that I have dreamed about putting my work in here in
Texas wants just a “handshake” agreement and offers no insurance.
Since I am new to the business and I have read so many posts from
artists/gallery owners saying this is not the norm, I am interested
to know whether galleries in Texas commonly ask for this arrangement
or if I just got hold of the exception to the rule. I have not sent
my work to the gallery yet, and although it is in a busy shop in a
resort town here in Texas, I definitely have cold feet.


js, go with your gut feeling…handshakes can turn into “he said :
she said” situations. have everything in writing…do for yourself
what you would tell a family member or loved one to do…protect
yourself…good luck… there are lots of galleries here in ft
worth…would be glad to introduce you to three i do business with

lisa mcconnell

No JS! this is not normal, even for texas. i am in galleries in
texas, and they all have had agreements and contracts that both
parties signed a handshake agreement? that doesn’t hold water, and it
definately doesn’t sound right. flee far from these people. they
aren’t trustworthy if they’re wanting to play the business
equivalent of “pull my finger” susannah