Testing coral for dye


I just bought a nice little strand of salmon-colored coral branches
at a “garage sale” It doesn’t look dyed to me and I tested it with a
q-tip and finger nail polish remover. How can I be certain it isn’t
dyed? I’m thinking of using it to make earrings to sell, so I want to
be sure it’s untreated.

I have some of the “red” bamboo coral, which is of course dyed and
runs all over the place so I’m somewhat familiar with dyed coral.

Anyone know what the going price is now on undyed salmon colored
branches? It’s a small strand, around 14 inches long.

Thanks, Leslie


I think you have done the essential test. If finger nail polish
remover doesn’t bring something up it probably is not. One more
thing, check around any imperfections or cracks. If there is no
extra darkening in those areas, it probably is not dyed. I have
found very little of the ‘salmon-colored’ coral dyed. Mostly it is
the red.

Price of that color is not high…especially if the pieces are not
large. The small branches only go for $6 to 18 depending on how deep
the color is and size.

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut2