Test driving a new cabbing machine


I’m still casting about for something to do while waiting for funds
to order cab rough late in January.

I believe I could try to use my 4 axis mill to machine some 1, 3/2,
and 2 inch hand-cranked rotary tables out of aluminum, and calibrate
them to 1/10 degree accuracy. I’d use a 1 inch

rotary table to control the roll axis of a dop stick. I would fix
this onto a 3/2 inch rotary table

to control the pitch axis, and then this assembly would be fixed
onto a 2 inch rotary table to control the yaw axis.

The entire business could then be supported from a screw driven
telescoping vertical mast created out of 1 inch square steel channel,
which could be screwed down onto the table of my Inland 8 inch flat

I know this sounds crude but I figure this could make a decent
cabbing head, which in the hands of a trained gemcutter might even
make a “good enough” faceting head.

If I built it, would “they” come?

Andrew Jonathan Fine