Terrified jeweler

The only people on Orchid who say they are never terrified are lying
or have no imagination at all. If you break each job down into
steps, you will have less trouble. If you have to set a center stone
of whatever value, treat it as if it is very fragile. Step by step,
if a seat needs to be cut, figure out how and do that one thing.
When it comes time to bend the prongs consider each prong. It will
bend at the thinnest point. Make sure thats where you want it to
bend. Thinking of the whole job makes it a big deal, but bending
that one prong is something you can handle. You’ll be fine. E-mail
me or call whenever you have a question. I have 46 years at the
bench and I’m happy to answer anything I can. Don’t forget you
already know more than anyone in the room.

Tom Arnold