OK I know I’m gonna get some flack for my terminology pet peeve but here goes. The word is Cast. Not Casted. I have no idea where this started but recently it’s being thrown around a lot lately. It’s been driving many seasoned pros I know crazy.


Thanks! it is annoying. But then again, I live where educated people say “I coulda went”…Rob



My buga-boo is what we call people who travel to craft/art fair(e)s. It’s to(u)rist not toreist. I tore up paper, I didn’t tore a Country. It’s my trigger word. I cringe when I see news agencies on line use improper English in their headlines. Then I can say getting my panties in a twist with the changing grammatical world is the title I place on ALL politicians rhetoric. It’s a huge steaming pile of male bovine solid exhaust! You can get into a debate about it, but dealing with it just gets you covered in the pile.

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Jo, I am totally with you. My favorite misuse to hate is the difference between healthy and healthful. Regularly I read in many sources that various foods are healthy, or healthy choices. One cannot tell if the writer means that the actual food plant is in good health or if they mean that that food is healthful for us. However, I shrug it off now and understand that language is continuously evolving, or sadly, devolving.


I agree with you both. Grammatical errors and obvious misspellings make me go nuts nowadays. There’s also the tendency lately to say “whilst” instead of simply “while.” We’re not in the eighteenth century!! Makes me want to give em a thousand paper cuts.

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