Tent Weights

A cheap and effective alternative is to >tie down to a
concrete block or two. I don't think I've ever seen one of those
blow away in the wind.  ;-) 

While this might work, I see at least 2 problems. First, they are
ugly and unprofessional looking. Second, I sure wouldn’t want to bang
my shin on one or watch a customer trip over one. Plus, I wonder if
the weight is sufficient. I think you should have 30 pounds at each
corner as an absulute minimum. Another factor to consider is the tent
itself. My Light Dome is much more resistant to flight than the
ubiquitous EZ-UP canopies I see so frequently. I seldom use my
weights anyway, because the Light Dome has 2 other options for
securing the tent if you are on grass, and I’m already dragging
around enough weight as it is. I still like Judy’s option of the
steel weights, even they are pricey and more challenging to make.
One of these days…

Allan Mason

I have a 10x20 canopy with metal poles that is quite sturdy, but
with a couple of shows I do, wind is still a problem. One great way
to weigh down any canopy if you are NOT on grass is 5 gallon buckets.
You can fill them with water (hopefully on site) then tie them to
your canopy. When done with a show, simply pour the water out and you
have light buckets to carry. You could even paint the buckets if you
are worried about the look. :slight_smile: