Tension settings experiences

I would like to ‘poll’ the group for experiences with tension set
diamonds. Has anyone positive or negative experience with them? The
concept is very nice, and I think they LOOK great, but they frighten
me with regards to safety and security. I would love to start a thread
on Orchid on this subject.

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This year my students (adult education evening classes) really
wanted to try tension setting, we had some amazing results, and even
tension set a heart shaped stone. There is always a doubting
attitude to this stone setting, and you do have to get the 'tension’

Someone tried to set a very small stone and this has not worked, but
we found stones 2mm to 4mm were fine. We have had great fun with this

best wishes

I have been wearing a Niessing tension ring since 1995. I NEVER take
it off. I know that’s a jewelry no-no, but frankly I am a spaz and if
I don’t keep it on I will lose it.

It took me about 2 weeks to get over the paranoia that the diamond
would fall out, but since then I have whacked the thing more times
than I can count and I get the diamond caught on things all of the
time. But I still feel totally secure with it.