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Tension release fomula

I am new at this so please help me if you can. I have been told there
is a simple mixture to make a tension release that is sprayed on the
wax before placing it in the investment using alcohol. If anyone has
something that works I would appreciate it.

Jim Davies

Jim, if you’re using standard casting investments like Satin cast 20,
Romanoff, Americast, or similar products from other manufacturers,
you probably don’t really need a “tension release”. Also called
"debubbleizers", these things were needed many years ago, before the
investment formulas included surface tension reducers. But so far as
I’ve been told, all the modern decent investment formulas include
such agents, and adding more to your wax does little good, and can
actually cause problems with some investments (platinum type
phosphate bonded ones especially). In general, if you’re having
trouble with air bubbles, the problem isn’t a lack of surface tension
releasing agents, it’s more likely one of inadequate vacuuming, or
improper investing procedure.


Jim, you may want to eliminate the alcohol. Alcohol wash is just one
more flammable item that you don’t need around your shop. Contact me
about our nonhazardous pattern wash. It is designed to be used with
vacuum investing as well as open air. It ships nonhazardous.

Best wishes,

Bill Mull

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Willoughby, OH 44094 USA
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