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Tennis bracelet

Alex, JBT rates jewelers who have estimated capital as low as 0 to
$4,000. So, unless you have capital in the negative range, you can
be rated. Just call them up and ask them to send you the
to have your business rated. They will be happy to help.


Dear Molly, To say that Stuller does not have a selection of tennis
bracelets is unfounded. Their selection of LINE ( tennis ) bracelets
is the best I have seen anywhere AND they are very high quality.
NO…they do not have sterling silver line bracelets that I know of.
AND, I seriously question the use of a sterling line bracelet using
rare, valuable and relatively fragile stones. Line bracelets take a
whale of a beating, wear out rapidly and are very labor
intensive,not to mention the fact that they beat the hell out
of the stones, in most cases. Ron at Mills Gem, Los Osos, CA.