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Temperature and relative humidity for tools

Hello All,

Does anyone know the optimum temperature and relative humidity to
keep tools (hammers, stakes, punches, steel blocks, etc.) from

I’ve just moved and set up my studio in a basement that needs a
de-humidifier, which I have running. But I’m not sure exactly how
cool/warm and dry the space needs to be.


Hello Sharon, The best way to conserve steel tools, is in total dry
conditions. But the human bio machine does not like this condition. So
a rather good middle mass air about 40 to 50% humidity. The worse for
steel what could happen is a humanity above 80% (source the museum
where my wife works) The humidity depends of the air temperature, the
higher the more water it can contain. So buy a hair hygrometer and try
to get the humidity, with your de-humifier around the 50%. But if you
drain a cloth in thin oil, and use this every time to wipe the
polished surface of your tool before you put them away, they will
stay in perfect condition.

Martin Niemeijer