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Teeth adornment

I am exploring teeth adornment and I am struggling to find much
technical on how to make a pair of grills. Does anyone
have experience of casting grills or know of any literature that
could aid me? I am mainly wondering about shrinkage when casting and
how to get an exact fit for the teeth.


Esther…what I would do is delve into finding dental school books
on making braces, their instruments, and techniques. Good luck, and
have fun!

its just like doing dental lab work,: same materials for taking
impressions of mouths an making appliances. Dental Schools will
sometimes let you audit the lab classes (but getting permission means
you must attend the labs- all of them !) You can buy the supplies on
amazon and ebay (only buy new stuff and invest in an autoclave if you
are doing anything in mouths as sterliisation is integral to the
work!) I do a good bit of stone setting in teeth - no grills as
people can buy em cheaper than a jeweler can make em- and in New
Orleans the folks that want grills don’t want to spend the money for
the three appointments it takes to make the impression, cast then fit
and finish the things and then there is paying materials costs
involved when they can go buy one that appears (and I
emphasize-appears-) expensive and/or ’ real ’ for less than 200
bucks, and in most case less than 100! Oh, Get contracts signed!

You might want to look up a local dental laboratory for
When I used to do lab work before becoming a Jeweler, you made a
gold crown over a prepped tooth(the dentist cut the prep by shaving
the tooth to a stub) then you carved a wax model to fix over the
stub(prep)using a die model from a plaster cast from an impression.
then cast and finish the model and glue in place. I don’t know about
just making a covering over an existing healthy tooth.