Teddy bear ring boxes

Dear All,

I’m looking for a specific presentation box. It is shaped like a
teddy bear with a bow tie, and has room inside for a small ring. It
works great for baby rings. I used to get them from Rio Grande, and
had seen them many other places, Mason Box and National Box I think,
but now I can’t find them at all. I can find very similar boxes on
Ebay, being sold individually at retail, but I need to buy them by
the dozen, and I’m not really interested in ebay sourcing. I’d prefer
to have a dedicated company I could call/online order, who would
consistently stock them.

Anybody seen this type of box recently? I’ve started the online
search, but so far I’m coming up empty handed. As they are being
sold on ebay, I’m sure they are available somewhere.

Nesheim Fuller Design

You can get the bear boxes at Jewelry Display in Miami. Web is
http://www.jewelrydisplay.us I have bought them before. I think they
are about a buck each.


I know I saw them in the Novel Box catalog. They are in Garfield,

Judy Shaw