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Techniques of engraving text


Can anyone tell me what technique I could use to engrave or create
text on the outside of a full round ring, or on a flat surface?
Would it be engraving or should the text be placed on a wax mold
prior to casting? How would the text be placed on the wax? What
tools should be used to ensure that the text is clear, legible and
deep enough? I have tried using stamps to imprint wax but find the
impression after casting not clear enough. A jewelry designer by
the name of Jeanine Payer has text on her jewelry and I’m wondering
if anyone is familiar with it and could tell me what process she


Most if not all of Jeanine Payer’s pieces are hand engraved. So if
you want that look find a skilled hand engraver.

Jim Binnion

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I use an engraving machine to engrave the original wax model. My
machine has a flat table side and a cylinderside on which I do the
outside of rings.



My experience has been that engraving text in the metal comes out
much cleaner than engraving in the wax. Although I have had some
cad/cam models made that came out nice. Also there is a local
company that makes photo engraved plates that molds can be made from
that produces very nice flat pieces. Some wax model companies also
offer 3mm wax letters that can be attached to your wax. Last
resort, Stuller and other suppliers offer 3mm gold block letters
that can be soldered on or if you are making a silastic mold, glue
the gold letters to the wax and make a mold (won’t work with
vulcanized molds).


On that note I’d like to highly recommend Brian Marshall’s engraving

He teaches 3 to 6 prople at a time so you get plenty of direct
attention. I went to learn the basics which were pretty much covered
in the first two days. The rest of the week was a flood of things “I
didn’t know I didn’t know”. A lot of it is stuff I’d never have
figured out on my own.

Brian has decades of experience in fabrication, engraving, saddle
making and lots more and he brings it all to the classroom

He also does contract hand and machine engraving if you prefer.

John Flynn