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Teaching the staff to sell a reapir

How to teach your sales staff how a repair is done so they can
understand it better and sell it easier

So many jewelry store owners just hope and pray that a salesperson
can sell a repair. It’s more like clerking a repair, right?

To be able to sell something mechanical, like repairing or making
jewelry, you have to know how its done. You don’t have to be ABLE TO
do it, just seeing how its done enough and be explained how it works
so you can explain it to the customer. That’s why we had sales
meetings. Part of the time we explained or showed how it was done.

I’m going to direct you to a web site by Brad Simon, who has great
videos, in connection with, on how to do a repair.
Although I’m not looking to get the staff to actually size a ring,
seeing it done and explaining it does the training trick.

Have your staff view some of these vidoes at the store or at home.
They are short enough to keep your attention and very up close. You
can direct them which ones to watch. There are videos on:

Sizing a ring with a stone on top that could be damaged while

Stone setting (Pave)
Hand Engraving
Platinum ring sizing
Carving a wax

You can direct them to which ones would help them the most. There
are some they won’t need watch, like alloying metals, how to refine
metals. But viewing 1/2 dozen of these would give them enough
knowledge that they can explain the complex and make it simple for
the customer.

They become the EXPERT. Experts always sell better than the “huh, I

In addition Jewelers of America has a great easel you should buy for
the front It shows the customer and sales staff how a proper repair
is done. More than that, what a good prong looks like, a bad one,

Easiest thing to do is call and order this. (800) 223-0673. $49.99
for Jewelers of America members, $69.99 if you’re not. Great selling
tool, we used it in our store.

These two tools should help your staff in the repair and custom
sales. Most jewelers sell 90% of all repairs no matter what you
charge! This will help everyone, especially the newbies but also will
help to increase your average sale in repairs and custom design.


David Geller
Director of Profit