Teaching position available

Due to the retirement of the current instructor, a teaching position in jewelry and metalsmithing is becoming available at Rogue Community College, Grants Pass, Oregon. For details see:

There is also the potential for teaching in other areas.

Neil A

I wish that our local Community Colleges in NY had a metals program. Some of the four year schools do, and, if I had it to do over, I would have attended one. Maybe it would have taken me less than 50 years to learn how to do a few things. Something about the journey vs the destination…Rob

Community colleges are missing out on a very good thing - or the students are. Those taking a 2-year degree program often have an art requirement, and while some might take pottery, drawing, or music, many take the jewelry / metalsmithing classes.

Once the facilities are available, they are also open for community education, meaning those who are not in a degree program can take the classes for personal enrichment, often in the evening. That has the added benefit of people becoming ‘regulars’ and creating a small community like Orchid, except you get to work beside one another. After a while some do casting, one chasing / repousse’, one mokume gane…it can become a very rich environment. It is a shame similar programs are not more common.

I hope RCC finds a new instructor so the program can continue.

Neil A