Teaching in Art Bead Circle Tucson

Has anyone heard of Art Bead Circle, in connection with the Tucson
gem show? I have received an email inviting me to teach classes.
Apparently, the instructor sets up the classes, registers students,
etc, and gets a space to teach for a fee. I’d love to have an excuse
to go to Tucson, but I’m not sure this is it… Input?


Noel, I have never heard of it but check tucsonshowguide.com it
should be in there.


There has been no response with about Art Bead Circle,
so I guess nobody knows anything about them, but does anyone have
about any teaching opportunities during the gem show


The local Tucson metals group, whose name escapes me at the moment,
holds some two day workshops during the gem show. I took a two day
chasing workshop: Marcia Lewis, chasing and repousse, a wonderful