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Teaching fees

As my teaching schedule expands through venues such as the Bead and
Button Show and Bead Fest, I am getting inquiries from schools about
doing workshops. This is something I would very much like to do more
of, but I am not sure how much I should charge. I need to get my
travel and lodging, plus a reasonable daily rate, but don’t know
what the going rate is. Can anyone give me about what
schools expect to pay?



I just did a diamond setting workshop for our local guild, NCSG. It
was a 2 day workshop materials fee was $45 and I had extra tools
available in case the participants didn’t have what they needed.

The guild bought the extra, left over tools and I was paid $500. The
workshop didn’t require any travel, but I know that some of the
workshop leaders who live out of town stayed over with local members
(very nice accomodations, much better than holiday inn). I’m not sure
how they handle travel expenses.

Good luck,

My dear Noel,

The same question came to my mind, since I am teaching since August
2004 in my own small Jewellery manufacturing work shop( 15 years
old) now transformed in to a Jewellery training school, maximum five
students in one Batch of three hours each. I am a one man army,
teach Jewellery designing, Jewellery making, Stone setting, Wax
carving,Rubber mold making and Centrifugal and vaccum assist
casting, and also free of charge Rhinoserous cad software only the
basic couse, to the students who have taken any one course.

Since I am in India I charge Rs 1000.00 per day (8hours), lodging,
boarding and travel charges is to be beared by the school or
organisation in need of the right educator. Similarly you should
have to charge by Dollar per hour or per day. It is very simple and
straight forward.If the school is accepting your charges then go
ahead or they will be depriving from an expert who is willing to
impart excellent practical skills,which he or her has aquired by
spending his or her invaluable time of life and is willing to share
for few dollars which is going to be spent in his routine day to day
living expenses, thus actually he is not sharing his skills and
knowledge to amass the money, he is actually spending his invaluable
time of life free of charge,which will help the students to aquire
the skills to make a living and so on.

I charge fees which will help me to fullfill my mimimum requirement
of living expenses. This is my thought about charging the fees to
the out side school who needs an honest and expert educator.

In my own school i charge only the for the facilities i provide and
my time and teaching is free. I make my living form the commercial
work I do for two of my customers. I teach for 4 hours and for 4 to
6 hours i work for a living.

My fees are Rupees 167.00 per hour which comes to $3.71 per hour
(These charges are only to cover the expenses of the facilities i
provide which includes Silver, soldesr,all the consumables etc, all
the tools are provided for class use, etc. Air conditioned room and
benches as per International design with Foredom motor and German
soldering tourchs, I imported form Germany, which are used in the
German Jewellery training Schools. All the files and enngravers are
swiss made. My curicullam is a mixture of German and American based
projects, which i constantly upgrade.

Be yourself do not immitate others, when your mind is peaceful and
silent you will find the answer of your question.

Best of luck

May God bless us all with total health, Mental,Phisical, Spiritual
and Social.

Be Happy.

Dear Umesh,

Can I ask where you have your classes? What city? I am living in
Dhaka and would love to find somewhere close to do more learning.

Sharron Gray
Visual Arts Dept.
International School Dhaka


At the school where I teach regular classes year round, I also do 4
week end workshops each year. The subjects change now and then but
right now our catalog carries the following:

Cutting a Cabochon: two day (Sat & Sun), $210 plus $25 material fee.
All materials provided, students each cut minimum of 3 stones.

Stone Inlay: two day (Sat & Sun), $210 plus $35 material fee. All
materials provided for one SS and stone pendent.

Hinges and Catches: two day (Sat & Sun), $210 plus $35 student fee.
All materials provided to make two hinges and two catches.

Jewelry with Florida Black Coral: one day (Sat), $95 plus $30
material fee. Medium coral tree provided - enough to make 4 or 5
pieces of jewelry.

Students provide their own basic hand tools but I supply anything
’special’ and teach them how to make one of a kind.

The school takes a small portion (facilities fee) of the basic fee
and I retain all the rest. I have no travel/lodging fees as these
workshops are taught at the school. If I had to travel, I would add a
percentage based on distance and mode of transport not to mention
lodging. I limit my workshops to max of 10 students (cabbing is
limited to 5 as thats all the machines we have).

These classes are very popular and are normally full or close to it.
For further go to:

Cheers from Don in SOFL