Teaching clients

I had a (mature) fellow who wanted me to teach him gem-stone setting
way back in July. He gave me so many excuses I had enough to write a
novel. As he is a watch-maker I had a feeling he wouldn’t figure out
anything of what I was going to demo. He gave me 4 months of
cancelling classes, now he asked me to show him how to buy diamonds;
more cancelling appointments. I got really pi$$ed off at him.

He had the bloody nerve to say I should only only charge him 25%
less of my daily rate. *I felt so irritated I just today told him
that I just had foot surgery (2nd time) last week *& not able to help
him, this month or next! I was trying to be ‘politically correct’ in
letting him know I can’t help him. I also told him to contact
"Canadian Gemmological Association". Let him pay their rates. Moral
of this story; if your gut isn’t in it, to help someone. then
don’t!!! I’d rather have him mad at me, than I be mad at him…no
love lost!! I’d go literally out of my way to help & mentor anyone
who is very serious in learning from me. I put so much effort into my
’one-on-one’ classes, it has to be a ‘happy marriage’ on both sides
of the bench, get my drift?..


Just had a talk with this potential student again, I laid down 'my
law/rules & on my terms.

My price is not to be made cheaper. for anyone! WE might still do
this one class, next month. He took his words back & apologised
profusely…*I just don’t bargain instructional fees, at my expense.
Neither should anyone. stick to your price. If they don’t like it…

have a good life & bye-bye!!!..