Teaching - Bad Class [Part two]

Hello All:

  so even though he was a bad teacher I still learned from the

This is what I learned from my father to call a “Reverse
Barometer” Learning from someone else’s mistakes is sometimes
more priceless that learning the right way the first time. “You
can learn a lot from an idiot”. By the by, I would like to thank
all who teach. It is a great thing you do.

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA

    On the student side of things, though, for another

I’ve taken classes at local art centers, the “ARTISTS” who teach
these classes do wonderful work and are very nice people,
unfortunately, both of those I took classes from didn’t want to
teach anyone what they knew. They were always late for class,
then sat around talking about their personal lives. Both
instructors would only show us how to do something if asked
directly, ie: show me how to . . . Sometimes, even the
instructor had no idea of how to do what was requested. One of
the instructors made students feel that they were bothering her
when asking questions. Not only were refunds given, but during
one session, the class was cancelled because not enough students
signed up.

I wouldn’t take it personally . . . but I would consider
reviewing the class direction. Is a schedule followed? Are
there specific projects being taught? Is it a “come in and do
your own thing until you get stuck” type of class?

Then again, there is always the chance that you’ve encountered
your local moron who makes all classes miserable when they
attend, and no matter what you do, they won’t be happy.