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Teaching a weekend workshop at Metalwerx

I just returned from teaching a weekend workshop at Metalwerx
(Weaving with Wire). Karen and I knew each other when we were both
working corporate jobs and dreaming of metalsmithing. We both knew we
needed to broaden our experiences in the art world - more than our
lives could accommodate at that time.

Although we both “took the leap”, we chose different paths to make
our passions become a reality. I have to say that I=92m blown away
by all that Karen has accomplished in such a short period of time.
In the five years that Metalwerx has existed, it=92s grown from a
small, 2nd floor operation into a large, professional establishment
with a great national reputation.

Metalwerx is a beautiful school and has all the accommodations a
student would want with access to state of the art tools, equipment,
library, kitchen and lots more. Any student would love the individual
work stations. It is a great atmosphere in which to learn (or
teach!), and the staff is incredibly helpful and friendly.

There is no doubt why Karen has been so successful in such a short
period of time. Her energy, enthusiasm, generosity and passion for
encouraging and promoting metalwork as an art form, has gone way
beyond “just a business”. As both a friend and professional, I=92m
completely amazed with her creation and success of Metalwerx and all
that she continues to do to grow and improve this wonderful

If you have the slightest doubt of whether or not to take a class -
DO IT - you won=92t regret it - in fact, it may change your life!!

I can honestly say “I remember her when …”

Cynthia Downs