Teachers at institute in Mumbai India

Hi, A jewelry institute has been set up jointly by the Indian
Government and the trade in Mumbai. We need teachers in manufacturing
and designing and if anyone can recommend people willing to stay in
India for at least one year, please suggest. Thanks in advance,

Shishir Nevatia

Hi ,

I would recommend you to contact ADOR, (Associazione Designers
Orafi), Jewelry Designers Association, 45 Neera street - 20141
Milan - Italy Visit the web site : http://www.ador.it and mail to

This is the best ( and perhaps the only one ) professional
designers association for the jewelry in Italy and it has been
working for 20 years all over the world. Most of its associates live
in Italy but several live in other countries of the world and
everyone is able to work either in Italy or abroad.

Hope to be useful.

Best regards,
Claudio Gussini member of ADOR’ s Directorate