Tea kettle quandry

Last week, in my haste to get to class, I placed an empty copco tea
kettle back on an electric burner, turned up to high, and left for
several hours. I did not burn my house down.

I did however seriously damage, perhaps destroy an expensive pc of
kitchen equipment—but it is made of metal, and what is made of
metal, can sometimes be remade. Can anyone help me. The sides of
this kettle are stainless steel, the bottom may be steel and may be
stainless. the inner lining is still there, it still holds water,
but a disk of insulating material (ceramic perhaps) and the metal
bottom plate are off. What think you? High temperature adhesive?
A tack welder? How about some IT solder and a mini (oxy acetylene)
torch? Copco, says get a new kettle, but I can’t afford an (nice)
new kettle. This one was lovely, w/ 24kt gold plating on the handle
and whistle, and it made tea—which I need to function. If any one
has any ideas please let me know.