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Taurus 3 ring saw

I have been researching the archives and saw a post by "Connie"
about the Taurus 2. Her comments, along with Richard Olsen’s, were
the only positive comments about the saw that I found.

The archives do not give the email for the poster. Could you,
Connie, reply on or off list? I wondered where you purchased the saw
to get the level of customer service you mentioned - specifically,
replacement of broken blades. Did you buy from a dealer or direct
from Gemini, and did Gemini or the seller replace the blades? Do you
still get this level of service, or was that a special promotion
that may have expired?

If anyone on list has this info or other useful info, please reply
on or off list to: @Darlene_Reger

I want the saw for both lapidary, and silver/copper/metal work. The
new “slim” blade sounds like it is the most appropriate for the
silver work. Any comments appreciated.


who loves drusies and agates and groovy rocks; calling from the
north central Missouri boondocks hundreds of miles from cities and
civilization as most people think of it.

Hi Connie,

I’m not sure if I can add a lot that will be helpful, but I worked
with and demonstrated the Taurus 3 once or twice a day last year at
Tucson at the Alpha Supply booth. I would not use it for cutting
large amounts/areas of thick agate, say quarter inch. Half that
thickness, though, it is wonderfully effective; even more so for
softer materials like glass and tile. The slim ring if I remember it
correctly was a comparatively recent introduction and at that time
there were still some issues with its tendency to cut into the drive
belt; whether and how these have been resolved I do not know. As far
as service goes I cannot imagine you’d get better service from
anyone than you’d get from Alpha (dealer, not manufacturer). Caveat:
I did work for that company. But that being said they’re a
singularly likeable bunch. So much so that I’m tempted to launch
into some character sketches. But no, best we not, best we not.

Hans Durstling
Moncton Canada
(And you think YOU are in the boonies?)

Darlene: I recently bought a Taurus 3 band saw–I use it for cutting
glass (my latest venture into Stained Glass) and haven’t used it yet
for metal. I bought it from a Stained Glass supply house When I had
some problems with it at first, I called Gemini directly and
received very helpful and considerate service. For minor problems I
am able to take it back to the place at which I bought it, and get
some help.

The main problem I had with it was pushing the blade too hard–so
eventually it jumped the tracks. I got it back on pretty easily,
with some help from the booklet, and since then have learned to let
the machine tell me how fast it wants to go.

I am very happy with it, and think it will work well with stones and
rocks, I really do not know about metal. The only minor downside is
that the water needs to be emptied any time it will not be used for
a few days, because it can damage the parts that are under water.
Other than that, I believe the Taurus 3 is somewhat quieter than the

I hope this helps