Tarnished Copper

Thank everyone for the tips to prevent copper tarnishing. I also
want to say that the second week of my jewelry class the teacher was
willing to answer questions that students had. I feel better about
that now. She demonstrated how to bezel set a faceted stone for the
intermediate and advanced students using a pair of earrings that she
sold a large order for at a wholesale show she did a while back. It
seems like everyone is asking her numerous questions, from how did
you do that, to where did you buy that. She has given us some useful
tips that I have not read in any of the jewelry books I have. I
also get to use some tools that I have not bought yet or don’t know
if I will want to buy.


Hello all Orchids, There was a post a couple of months ago about an
epoxy, or clear coating of some kind that you can bake on an item to
protect it from oxidation. I lost the phone no. as I was going to
find out about it myself. I remember the Co. was in Massachussets. Is
anyone out there that remembers this? Gail

Gail, Sorry this is long in coming. A bunch of us use Nikolas #
2105 Clear Lacquer, at the suggestion of Carol Webb, to protect
copper, silver, etc. The company is G. J. Nikolas & Co., Inc.; 2800
Washingtoon Blvd.; Bellwood, IL 60104. Phone: 708-544-0320; web
site: http://www.finish1.com

Spray clean metal lightly (stand up or hang against cardboard), let
dry for 15 minutes, reapply; let dry. It’s great. To remove soak
item in acetone.

Kay Taylor