Tap and die components

Hi everyone, I’m having a hard time with this one…Does anyone know
if you can buy pre-made tap and die components anywhere? To
explain, I’m looking for a 1.5" piece of wire that has an external
thread on one end and has some kind of internally threaded piece to
go with it.

This Charles Lewton-Brain article shows exactly what I’m talking
about: Hinge Pin Installation Options - Ganoksin Jewelry Making Community (in
the “threaded hinge pin section” towards the bottom).

If I can’t find them and have to make my own, does anyone know how
difficult it is to use the tap and die tools? i.e. should I ditch
the idea instead of investing in new tools and driving myself crazy
for one project?

Thanks so much for any input,
Jessie Smith

Tap & die sets are widely available a recent trend of Body Piercing
has made them very common too.

An economy set from India sells of $18.00 & then you have Japanese,
Swiss & German set go for about $80 to a $1000

You may be able to buy individual pieces if you know what sizes you
are looking for. If you find some make sure the thread sizes are
what you are looking for. For example Threads for Watchmaking much
finer than jewelers.

Regards Kenneth Singh

1.5 inches in diameter…yikes that is large. using a tap and die is
easy, the difficult task is getting the threads aligned with the
axis, this is accomplished with the use of a lathe

We have miniature taps and dies at Reactive Metals Studio. They are
simple hand tools. You should have no problems learning to use them.

Reactive Metals Studio, Inc.
PO Box 890 * 600 First North St. * Clarkdale, AZ 86324
Ph-928/634-3434 * Ph-800/876-3434 * Fax-928/634-6734
E-mail- info@reactivemetals.com
Catalog- www.reactivemetals.com

The smallest standard tap and die components are for an 0-80 thread
size. This would require a .0469 drill size. You should be able to
get these at any of the Industrial Supply companies listed on this
page http://www.guyotbrothers.com/industrial-supplies.htm

Steve Guyot
Guyot Brothers Co Inc
Decorative jewelry findings & ornamental stampings since 1904