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Taos School of Metalsmithing and Lapidary Design

I have participated in Orchid Digest for many years but I have not written anything for a while and I though I would like to introduce myself to many of you I have not met before. A beautiful small town in Northern New Mexico called Taos has been my home for the past 31 years, Before moving here I lived in England for many years making jewelry, exhibiting, selling, and teaching… I have always loved taking courses and learning so I studied metal working techniques while living near Birmingham, the center of the jewelry trade in G.B. My style and technical knowledge strongly reflects European traditions. At the School of American Craftsmen R.I.T. I also studied with Hans Christensen, a former Danish George Jensen designer. My work reflects curiosity and experimentation while using my classical knowledge to construct innovative designs. You can view a selection of my jewelry at my web site: Soldering, cutting and setting unusual shaped stones, and designing catches and mechanisms are areas that I concentrate on in my jewelry design.

If you have not visited New Mexico it is a beautiful area with many places and things to inspire artists and designers particularly in the metalsmithing field. There are a large number of galleries, museums, suppliers, manufacturers, importers, and interesting historic sites to explore here in Taos and even more in Santa Fe and Albuquerque! It is the perfect place to visit, refresh and recharge your creativity. In the Jewelry Gallery section I am including some photographs of my work to further introduce ideas I enjoy exploring.


Marilynn – it is wonderful to see your extraordinary work. I remember meeting you years ago at the Ganoksin Dinner in Tucson. So glad you did this post.

Thanks Betsy. Computers baffle me…… I had wanted to put in other photos. I will try to do it again sometime. Hopefully we will meet again …… Marilynn