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Taos Jewelry school

Kelli, another place for jewelrymaking classes in New Mexico is at
Ghost Ranch, near Abiquiu. There are week-long courses, taught in
the wonderful metals lab there (great equipment, and it’s even
air-conditioned). There are courses in silversmithing, art welding
[I think this one is held out-of-doors], pewtersmithing, PMC, and
(shameless plug!) my own course in making multimetal jewelry (August
9-15, 2004).

For the schedule, etc., see <>. Ghost Ranch is
the place where Georgia O’Keeffe used to spend her summers
painting. Needless to say, it’s a beautiful setting. You also meet
a lot of great folks there, too.

Judy Bjorkman (who, despite what the Ghost Ranch catalogue says,
is from Owego, not Oswego, NY)

here is a link for their web site. their course change every year. a
very wonderful experience.

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