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Taos Jewelry School

Hi Orchidians, I live in southern New Mexico and would like to do a
workshop. Have any of you gone to the Taos Jewelry School? I would
love any info you might have. I am also interested in workshops in
any other parts of the country. What is your favorite?

Thank you
Kelli C

Dear Kelli,

I have attended 3 classes through TIA (Taos Institute of Art). Each
were five days. I found them very organized and professional, no
hick-ups in scheduling and all went smooth, very nice people.
However all my classes were with Phil Poirier and if I’m correct he
no longer teaches through TIA (please correct me if I’m wrong on
this). If you get a chance to take a workshop with him or classes at
TIA I highly recommend it. Phil is just north of Taos, beautiful
setting, check out his website .

I hope this helps.
Thackeray Taylor
Rio Grande Technical Support

Hi Kelli, I just recently went to the Indian Jewelers Supply Co. in
Albuquerque and got some info about the Taos Jewelry School. I swear
I have looked high and low for the info and can’t find it anywhere
now that I need it. As I recall they were well beyond my particular
budget both monetarily and time wise but that may not be the same for
you. However, the folks at IJS may be able to help you out. Their
website is and they may be able to get you the
necessary info. Hope this helps. I’ll keep looking for the stuff I
got. If I find it, I’ll pass it along.


Taos School of Metalsmithing and Lapidary Design

PO Box 3005
Taos, NM 87571
Ph: (505) 758-0207

Taos Jewelry School offers beginning through advanced classes in
jewelry and lapidary design throughout the year taught by
internationally recognized designer, Marilynn Nicholson, known for
her unusual techniques in cutting and setting stones and innovative
designs for catches and mechanisms. Individual and small classes
emphasize personal attention in an artistically stimulating

Hey Kelli, I found the info I’d been looking for but I see that
Jesse and Judy have already provided it for you. I agree with Judy
about the Ghost Ranch setting. It is beautiful country with amazing
light. If you go there in August, be prepared for the heat. It gets
quite warm there but at night it cools down nicely. Great place to
be for art creativity. Mike