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Tanzania trip advice - gem dealers?

My husband and I are lucky enough to have been asked to lead a
safari to Tanzania in July. We’ll be staying afterwards with our
Maasai friends in Arusha, which I understand is the gem trading
centre for Tanzania.

An acquaintance of our friends is a certified gem dealer (which I
understand one really must go through, according to government regs),
but I was wondering if anyone has any connections there they could
recommend - dealers whom you know, even tips on what’s “hot” right
now. I am intrigued by a recent article in Lapidary Journal on
something someone is dubbing “Maasai sunstone” or some such thing,
which looks like nice cabbing material. Yes, yes, I know all about
dubious street deals (Hey lady, wanna buy this 5 ct Tanzanite - only
$30!), which is why I’m asking about good connections now!


PS - I was thinking of bringing back some gems and/or rough to sell
to help pay for our airfare, which is all I need to come up
with…but I really wouldn’t know where to begin with that!

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Tucson, Arizona
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If by “Maasai sunstone” you also mean “Confetti Sunstone”, there is
a dealer currently importing it in limited quantities to the US. I am
aware that some gentlemen have cut the stone within the lapidary
community; however the jury is still out on whether or not this is
worth the current ct. price.

Taylor in Toronto