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Hi to all:

The conversations have been centered around the dangers to
propane, acetylene, natural gas, etc. The real danger is in those
oxygen tanks. I am also a volunteer (EMT) on our Ambulance Corp
and our training has always stressed how VOLATILE oxygen is. It
is highly exposive and bottled under great pressure. When
replacing the tank make sure that the regulator gauge is pointed
away from you or anyone else. I have been using air/acetylene and
I ‘bleed’ any gas from the tubing when closing my tank for the
day. I hope that this info doesn’t add to anyones anxiety but
knowledge is power.


One thing on gas safety I haven’t seen anyone mention, except
partially by Linda here, is when you’re done for the day, you
shut off the valve first, then open your fuel valve on your torch
and let it go to zero pressure. Then you unscrew your regulator
all the way so no pressure is on the spring. Do the same for the
oxygen side if you have it. I do this religiously when shutting

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