Tank relocation

I have recently been expanding my studio space; this includes
constructing a new bench.

Here’s what I did to relocate my torch tanks.

The tanks now reside in the garage adjoining my bench. I chose this
over an outside location because that would entail making some kind
of enclosure that needed to be weather-proof. The garage is not so
tight that leaking gasses would accumulate and the doors are open
often. Seems safe to me and I religiously turn off the tanks, bleed
the lines and back off the regulators.

To feed the lines through the wall I used schedule 40 PVC pipe to
make the opening. The pipe fits snugly in an 1 7/8" hole which can
be bored with a hole saw. Line up the holes on either side of the
wall carefully.

To keep the torch hoses from rubbing the PVC pipe and to stop air
from leaking through the opening I used 1/2" pipe insulation which
fits tightly inside the plastic pipe. Just wrap the insulation
around the torch hose and feed the whole thing through the plastic
pipe. Be sure to put the pipe through wall first. It’s a tight fit.

The pipe and insulation can be purchased at Lowes or any similar
store. The hole saw can be bought at a home center or someplace like
Harbor Freight.

I have enclosed some pictures.

Best wishes,