Tanim - Contemporary Metalsmithing in Thailand

Finally, there is a special interest group for art and contemporary
jewelry/metalsmithing in Thailand!

Tanim, shortened for Tanimpimpaporn which means jewelry in old Thai,
is a special interest group within the Thai jewelry and
metalsmithing community that offers a platform for members to
exchange knowledge, and criticisms within the context of
art and contemporary jewelry/metalsmithing.

Founded in January 2008, Tanim’s initiative is the first of its kind
in Thailand to promote the new perspective and interpretation of the
jewelry/metalsmithing art of our time. Moreover, Tanim is the first
group that supports the culture and knowledge of studio
jewelry/metalsmithing in Thailand.

We firmly believe that communication and interaction amongst members
will stimulate us individually and collectively as a professional
group. It is our intention to create good professional relationships
amongst members and also with other sectors in the jewelry world.

We aim to strengthen our position by encouraging the use of critical
thinking, design theory and practice, along with marketing strategy
within the realm of art and contemporary jewelry/metalsmithing
through casual meetings, lectures, workshops, seminars, competition
and exhibitions. both at home and abroad.

We strive to promote originality and authenticity in jewelry
designs. We attempt to heighten the level of work ethics amongst
jewelry designers and creators in Thailand.

We are determined to offer members opportunities to collectively
showcase works at various venues to create a stronger appearance in
the jewelry market, with the hope to increase awareness within the
general public that beyond the norm of fine jewelry, costume jewelry
and traditional metalsmithing, there is also a thriving art and
contemporary jewelry/metalsmithing in Thailand.

Tanim will have its official launching at the 42nd Bangkok Gems and
Jewelry Fair during September 11-15, 2008, Impact Muang Thong,
Nonthaburi, Thailand. Please find us at booth 1A, Challenger 1.
Original works by founding members will be exhibited at the Fair.

For more on Tanim, please go to www.tanimpimpaporn.com.

Thank you,
Atty Tantivit
Acting President

Hi Atty,

Congratulations on being involved with such a revolutionary
organization. It’s good to hear about communities like these, and I’m
glad you started one.

Love, Peace, Light and Best Wishes,

Hi Atty…congratulations! and what a smart website. good luck with
the official launch on the 11th and everything you’ve envisioned for

got me thinking…do we have other studio jewellers in India?
anyone out there??

Pallavi Gandhi


Thank you those of you who expressed interests and offered

We just finished our first exhibition at the Bangkok Gems and
Jewelry Fair and it was a success despite the fact that this fair is
not really visited by those looking for unique pieces.

Many local studio jewelers are now planning on joining us. We will
update our website so that there will be more info on members soon.

I hope that Tanim could also be a place for business matching, for
both Thai jewelry artists looking for galleries to show their works
and also for gallery owners/buyers who are looking for new works.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to let us