Tamil Nadu Indian bridal jewellery

Tamil Nadu Bridal jewellery - Kaasumaalai, Maanga maalai, and
Mulaipoo malaai.


These are again wedding jewellery. Especially the Kaasumaalai. Its
one of the jewellery that is given to the bride as part of her
dowry. The weight of the Kaasumaalai can range from 40 gms to 800

Kaasu in Tamil language means coins. There are small stamped pieces
with Goddess Lakshmi engraved on it and it may also have stones.
Each is connected with a link.

The Manga maalai resembles the paisley shape. Maanga in Tamil means
Mango. These are also traditional ones and enhance the beauty when
worn with silk sarees and salwars.

The mulaipoo malai name takes after a flower which is known for its
fragrance. The flower name is mullai and its usually strung on a
thread and sold. The flower is plucked and strung and the deities
are decorated with it. The ladies also wear it on their hair.


Kavitha Balakrishnan.

Another bridal jewellery which adds beauty to the arms. A unique
shape with ornate work and stone- studded. The bride wears on both
the arms. It is worn in such a way that the image of the Goddess
Lakshmi faces sidewards.

Kavitha Balakrishnan.


great to see posts about Indian jewellery, interesting to see other
cultures work.