Talk about drying

Ok, let’s talk about drying. There have been some posts about home
made methods with towels and cookie sheets. We use paper towels,
hair driers and warm lights. But, there are products and procedures
used in the industry that may make more sense to some of us. I do
not have experience with these products I just know they are there.
Hard wood saw dust and ground corn cob(cob meal) are two of the
products. Do we have folks familiar with using these products that
can provide guidance and insight.

Thanks, Bill

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I am not aware of any shops today that still use the hardwood
sawdust method. Many years ago however when I was an apprentice we
had a heated shallow pan filled with the sawdust that was used mostly
for hollow forms.(we didn’t use it much) Today in our shops we use
Masterflow heavy duty heat blowers. They are used to dry castings as
well as finished parts. They are designed for continuous duty. The
company that manufactures them is Master Appliance, Racine, WI

Hello i use sawdust for my drying needs it works great after washing
and rinsing my parts i throw them in the sawdust for a few and poof
they are dry i use a cakepan for the sawdust and you can get it at i think they come in 1lb bags also a little tip when
doing small piecs i tie them together with a piece of wire usualy
same as part so i dont have to dig in the sawdust for the little
parts good luck


Basic absorbent cob meal works great, even better if used in a
vibratory tumbler, however you have to consider the "lodging"
factor. I know of people in our industry that use dehydrators, Ronco
comes to mind, lined with paper towels and centrifugal or spinning
machines, an example would be a swim suit dryer found at a local gym
or pool. The latter items work well for beads and or items that have
lodging problems.

Love your website and postings.

All the best,
Thackeray Taylor
Rio Grande Technical Support.