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Talented pearl driller?

Hi, I have some Tahitian pearls that need drilling. Where can I look
to find a talented pearl driller?

Thanks. Tani

Hello Tani, I will be happy to drill your pearls and return them or
finish the job as you request. I am a Certified MBJ of Jewelers of
America. Call 210.260.0662 and we can make arrangements

Tani, YOU can do it!

Seriously, it’s easy. If you need them drilled through, there is
vise available to hold it and line it. You drill halfway from one
side, then the rest of the way from the other. That way you get a
clean hole. They make special drill bits for pearls, they look like a
mini version of a spade bit for wood working. If I only need them
half drilled, I hold it in my hand and use a small ball bur.

You can do it!

Ivan Sagel

Hi Tani,

I have a lot of experience drilling pearl, I have a record of
drilling 2,000pcs. in less than two weeks :slight_smile:

How many pearl you need to drill? If you need my service, let me


If you need them drilled through, there is vise available to hold
it and line it. 

It is simple to make a ‘vise’ to hold any spherical object for
drilling - just take a length of metal such as brass, say 1 inch
wide, 1/16" thick and maybe 6 inches long and, near each end drill a
hole which is about half the diameter of the ball (pearl) you want to
drill. Countersink these holes and file away any rough edges, then
fold the metal in half so that the countersinks face each other and
the holes line up exactly. The ball can now be held between the holes
by the springiness of the metal while it is being drilled or, if
necessary, the whole thing can be held in an ordinary vice.

Best wishes,
Ian W. Wright
Sheffield UK