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Taking things apart

Can any of the resident experts out there give me clear instuctions on how
to disassemble/clean my Swedish “Techno” handpiece? The instructions that
came with it are sketchy to say the least, e.g. “remove parts blah, blah,
blah…” I’m more interested in HOW to remove the parts, as I don’t want
to mess it up.

Thanks in advance,

Chris, in hot, humid, and windy Waynesville, NC

Quote of the day: If you’re walking on thin ice, you might as well

Hi Chris:

I have never tried to do it myself but I have had some experience in
having handpieces rebuilt. I sent my Farro handpiece to some outfit in
Brooklyn, N.Y. and, after sending it back twice (once because it totaly
froze up during the Christmas season & again because it would not hold a
mandrell.) I recieved a phone call from the company telling me how luck I
was to get them to fix it again since they generously offered a 30-day
warrenty and the “other guys” offered only 10! I have come to the
conclusion that, unless the trouble is something simple to simply replace
it. It is my major piece of equipment and without it, I can’t work. I
know they are not cheap but with proper care, they will last for several
years before giving trouble.

Just my experience;
Steve K.