Taking the plunge

I may be crazy but I have taken the step from building a line of
jewelry and offering hand engraving on a wholesale basis from my
studio, to opening a retail store. Rather than starting a thread
about the question of my sanity let me get to the point.

I can’t build the entire inventory of a jewelry store, do custom
work and try to keep up with some of my wholesale buisness all at
the same time. So I am looking for some designer lines from my
Orchid friends to sell in our new store. I am looking to both buy
and for consignment. I don’t want run of the mill. My work is
different from the ordinary and we want to offer more of the same to
our customers. If you are interested you can contact me off forum or
by phone. If you have a web site send me the address and I will take
a look.

I also hope to need the help of another bench person in the not too
distant future. It could be a good opportunity for someone with good
repair skills that wants to learn much more including hand
engraving. Again contact me off forum.

John Wade
Wade Designs

In sunny North Carolina where it is 70 degrees today

Thanks to all who have responded to my post about wanting designer
lines for my new store. I am responding and viewing web sites as I
have time. I have no idea why some people are having trouble getting
to my web site. It appears that I posted it correctly and I just
went to it, so I don’t know. I’m a goldsmith not a computer geek,
most of it is a mystery to me. Here it is again just in case,

For those of you who have not sent me an email yet please do. I want
to look at many possibilities for inventory.

John Wade

It opened fine on my Mac using Safari. I think that it is good that
you empathize that it is hand engraving, freehand and that machines
are not used.

marilyn smith

Thanks to all who were able to figure out my rather obvious mistake
in posting my web site address. Can’t see the forest for the trees
sometimes. I am still looking at websites for designers to carry in
our new store.

John Wade