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Taking the plunge - PMC

Good Morning,
I am in the process of setting up my studio, which I packed away 10
years ago when life got in the way of my craft! One of the first things
I’m intending to do is work with PMC. I have the PMC, I have a kiln…
any basic on firing temp, and working with the material will
be greatly appreciated.

Have a great day!

Gail Selig

There’s some stuff in the archives about PMC. If you read the book Rio
sends with each order, that is a pretty good intro. The current issue of
Bead and Button has an article about PMC…and Lap. Journal does every
once in a while…current or recent article in Metalsmith. The imp. thing
about PMC, an experienced person told me, is consistant temp. I have
followed her edict and had no probelms. She also suggests putting it in
the kiln with kiln off, and letting it come up. I do that on the first
round, but then it comes up to temp., and second round goes in hot.
Works. Elaine Chicago Illinois US

Gail, my (novice) experience with PMC has been good so far. I fire at
1630 deg. F for 2 hours without a kiln controller (which means I stand
right at the kiln for 2 hours and make sure the temp does not go over 1630
deg.) I lay my pieces on alumina hydrate (from ceramic stores), so 3-D
pieces do not flatten out. I understand Rio Grande is coming out with new
programmable kiln that will have PMC program installed. Also, Swest is
selling a PMC made in Japan also at about half the price. Lathrop’s
Jewelry Supply in Houston is carrying it, but I have not tried it yet.
You should have several replies to your inquiry. Dottie