Take picture of jewelry

Hi all!! I tried to take picture of my jewelry with an automatic
camera. But the result was not like what I usually saw in some sites
that shows their jewelry. The colour was not bright and got a little
blurred. What to do with that?

Thanks n best regards,


Check out the Ganoksin library on ‘Jewelry Photography’ at:



There’s more to jewelry photography than meets the eye.

A. You can’t use "automatic"
B. Try “F-16” for your F Stop and focus in the center of the camera.
C. Adjust the shutter opening so it matches the F-16.
D. You need lighting that is not direct, but has gone through sheets
and such.

And there’s still 20 pages to this subject, which I know folks here
willhelp you with

David Geller

Hi, Iva-

There are many factors involved in taking good photos of jewelry.
Amy O’Connell has a good website with instructions on jewelry
photography- here is the link-

Charles Lewton Brain has also written a very good book on this
topic, with an accompanying video, available through Brain Press at
this site-


Lee Einer
Dos Manos Jewelry


Some of us have had our shots taken professionally. Many of them
are scanned, or taken with a digital camera. What kind of automatic
camera are you using? Search for Charles Lewton Brain’s articles on
photography on Ganoksin. It is a very good article with lots of
helpful hints.


You need a macro lens on your camera. Nikon makes a great one.
It’s in their Coolpix cameras. Don’t know if any other mfg makes as
good macro. -Stanley

I’m using COOLPIX 5000

here is a few link of my photo taken with coolpix 5000

A good marco lens is importance - then - you need enough light or a
tripod or a stable hand the good point about a digital cam is it allow
you to retry as many shot as you like - witt instant result and also
Film cost is ZERO

if you link up your digital cam with a 14" T.V you will see very
good result instantly hav fun :slight_smile:


Dear Iva; I’ve been using an old Nikon SLR camera for the past
seventeen or so years and have been quite pleased with the results.
It is fitted with a 2x Macro lens that I picked up second hand. This
is sufficient to achieve very detailed shots. The fStop is set to the
smallest aperture/largest number, (I’m at home now and can’t remember
for the life of me what that number is)and the exposure is set to
Auto. This means that, depending on the brightness of the room,
exposure times can be several seconds. Use a small tripod.

I leave the macro and focussing lenses set to the closest focal
length and simply move the piece around 'til it’s in focus. The small
aperture means that the depth of field is, I don’t know, deeper so
the front and back of a ring are both in focus.

I used up a lot of film and some weird filters before I realized
that the strange colours and exposure problems that sometimes showed
up were more due to bad developing than anything else. Find a good
photo store where people will listen to you. Real photographers find
my method hopelessly low-tech, but it works for me. Hope this helps.

Ken Paulson.
Saskatoon, SK.

You need a macro lens on your camera. Nikon makes a great one. I
agree whole heartedly with the advice on the Nikon digital coolpix
camera. Specifically, the 950 should do quite well. I purchased
mine for some $750 when they first were out. I have seen them on
Ebay in “new” condition with accessories not exceeding $300!. While
there are camera’s with twice the pixel capicity now…as long as
the pictures are small (not 8 1/2 x 11) then you will have very fine
amature results IMHO. The macro capability is probably the best
there is still. I am able to take pictures of the fibers in a
dollar bill! Oh, and you should see what an eyeball looks like this
close…cool! Eric

You need a macro lens on your camera.  Nikon makes a great one.
It's in their Coolpix cameras. Don't know if any other mfg makes
as good macro. -Stanley 

Thank you so much for this info, Stanley. A glass bead maker I
purchased from said she’d gotten excellent results from someone using
a “macro setting” but she had no more -except that she
shot the images outdoors on a cloudy day (a natural “cloud dome!”)

By the way, for the rest of us who have little capital but do have
access to a friend with a digital camera and Photoshop capabilities,
Jima Abbott says there’s an online site that will take digital images
and turn them into excellent slides. I still haven’t had time to
track this down, but it could be a boon for some of us. If anyone
finds them, let me know!

Lisa Orlando
Aphrodite’s Ornaments

ok i was telling about why i suggest coolpix 5000 before this i was
Using coolpix 995 Nikon so far give the Best Marco Lens around for a
ok price i got my Coolpix 5000 in singapore for about $600 USD - i
seen Ebay and alot of other america site selling for less -

there is a few reason why i would suggest COOLPIX 5000

  1. the design of the camera make easy for CLOSE UP SHOT

  2. You can buy a ADD on BATTERY PACK MB-E5000 which will last you
    about 500-1000 shot

  3. 995 and the 950 design give me alot of problem maybe i do not
    like the design that personal

  4. coolpix 5000 offer a 2cm marco - same as the coolpix 900

  5. the flexible LCD len on coolpix 5000 make it easy for you to take
    at weird angle

  6. the new coolpix 5700 - is a more advance version but - you can’t
    get a 2cm marco from it .

7.you really do not need much accessories - when i got the coolpix
5000 i had spend much more on marco lens add -on and even a speical
MARCo shot lighting S1 something forget the model i don’t really use
it - the camera itself is enough to perform alot of good shot -

  1. i am sure you do not buy the digital cam for taking only jewllery
    only the coolpix 5000 will offer you compact and easy use then alot
    of other camera -

  2. www.osix.deviantart.com - click on the gallery - photo inside
    jewllery and other photo are taken by coolpix 5000

10 . i think so far this is the only camera which i personally feel
is worth it value - what i know there are going to stop production for
coolpix 5000 and replacing it other model - but by far - i personally
feel that coolpix 5000 is the best of the coolpix collection NIKON
had produce

  1. not forgetting that coolpix 5000 is a 5 mega pixel digital cam -
    5.24 really

do rem to getthe battery MB-E5000 battery pack - cos it will give
you many hour of enjoyable time with your digital cam

have fun max summer my lastest ring design taken by coolpix 5000 also

you can give me any comment or if you need any infomation i would be
mor ethen happy to help . and i am open to any project possible :slight_smile:

just e-mail me @iconfury :slight_smile:

   10 . i think so far this is the only camera which i personally
feel is worth it value - what i know there are going to stop
production for coolpix 5000 and replacing it other model - but by
far - i personally feel that coolpix 5000 is the best of the
coolpix collection NIKON had produce 

The 5000 was going to be my choice, as I was recently shopping for a
new camera to replace a stolen 995. However, about the time I was
choosing, Nikon announced their new replacement model for the 5000,
the 5400. It shares most of the features of the 5000, but with
improvements. The lens is now a fully ED lens, which means slightly
better images. The CCD is slightly larger, as it’s now rated at 5.1
megapixels rather than 5. Probably not a significant difference.
The lens now has a 4x optical zoom rather than the 3x of the 5000, and
I think the LCD display is also slightly improved. They’ve also
added a series of new shooting modes, useful especially for less
experienced photographers doing typical types of snap shots, but this
includes such things as modes for fireworks, and evening scenes, as
well as many of the usual expectations. Some of the controls seem a
little more logically placed as well. And to top it off, the price is
slightly REDUCED from that of the 5000

I bought the 5400. And while I’m still learning the thing, so far,
I love it.


Hi , I will chime in on the Nikon Coolpix . We have the 990 and
although I am a strictly amateur photographer , We are able to
maintain a photographic record of all our custom pieces . We have
pictures set up as a slide show on a monitor on our sales floor and
show window and they attract a lot of attention , and drive much new
business. The pictures [well , some of them anyway :slight_smile: ]I’ve taken
have been of high enough quality that we have been able to go to
print with them and have even been published … this is
significant in that literally the pictures involved were “snapshots”
, one or two minute photo’s . The photographic “guru’s” who led me to
the Cool-pix said that they had the best optics available at the
price and were thus best recommended for close-up photography .

Mark Clodius

Iva - Last year I purchased my very first digital camera. Even after
a lot of research the choice was not easily made. I’ve been
shooting film for nearly thirty years. The camera I choose was
Nikon D-100 with 60 mm macro lens. This is an auto focus job. I am
very very happy with the camera. However I have noticed quality
degradation when using auto focus. Many of my photos come out
better switching focus, aperture, and shutter speed to manual mode.
Funny, my favorite old 35mm is completely manual. Of course in
manual mode, a tripod is absolutely required.